What Does Westhollow Society Do?

Advocate for the Westhollow neighborhood with the City of Dallas, Developers and other entities as a collective and unified neighborhood organization comprised of representatives from each neighborhood. Work in concert with existing neighborhood associations and HOAs to help implement their programs as well as to implement our own ideas for Westhollow. Plan, design, and fund beautification and improvement projects such as median landscaping, signage, placemaking, parks and recreation and more.

• Define Boundaries for improvement
• Giving a Brand Image to the area that has never had one
• Advocacy for Residents with the city
• New Development
• Programs and Causes to improve the area
• Beautification & Improvement while maintaining the specific character of the neighborhood
• More Clout collectively than separate with developers, improvements, city hall

What Is Westhollow?

Our name, “Westhollow” comes from the need to give NorthWest Dallas a “brand” identity. We chose “Westhollow” since this area of Dallas is directly West of Preston Hollow. Defined as West of Midway Road, South of LBJ Freeway, North of Walnut Hill and East of Harry Hines as “Westhollow”.

Some of the neighborhoods that are encompassed within Westhollow’s mission are Park Forest, Royal Hills, Sparkman Club, Timberbrook, Royal Oaks, Royal North, Underwood, Northaven Park, Glen Cove/Meadow/Rosser, Highland Meadows, Coral Hills, Webster Grove, Walnut HIlls, Royal Haven, Chapel Forest, Chapel Downs, Walnut Meadows, Northway Hills, Midway Hills and Meadow Park.

What Westhollow Is Not.

We are not trying to rename your neighborhood. Westhollow is a “DISTRICT”. All existing neighborhoods will continue to be known by their respective names but COLLECTIVELY these neighborhoods are to be known as Westhollow.

We are not an HOA.

We do not want to “turn NW Dallas into another Highland Park”.

We are not an organization that can raise your taxes or affect your property values without approval by a majority.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far

◦ Park Forest Signage

◦ Advocated for Members of Area with City Council Reps

◦ Gathering community together for workshops and meetings

◦ Started conversation about the area

◦ Researched PID and brought to public forum

◦ Gave the area a brand identity to better market to developers and homebuyers

Is Westhollow Society a  501(c)(3) non profit?

Westhollow Society functions as a  501(c)(3) under the exact same requirements and rules but we have never claimed to have 501(c)(3) status and we have not applied for exemption because we are not required to under the tax laws to receive  501(c)(3) status as we are classified as a “Mini-Nonprofit”.  What does that mean? A”mini-nonprofit” is one that earns less than $5000/year in gross revenue.  A very little known tax code states that if a non-profit earns less than $5000/year in gross revenue it will function as and have all the same rights (including tax exemption status) as one that has filed with the IRS for  501(c)(3) status.   Once the entity earns over $5000 in a year, the organization has 90 days before the end of the year to apply for and receive IRS  501(c)(3) tax exemption certificate.   We will only apply for  501(c)(3) status when we have exceeded the threshold as we want all of the funds we have to go to our organization and not waste it on an IRS exemption that we do not yet need and already qualify for.

What does this mean for you? It means your donations are still tax exempt without Westhollow Society having applied for  501(c)(3) status with the IRS because we are a registered non-profit and organized under the law as such and earn less than $5000 in gross receipts per year.

You can read more about how this works at: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/small-nonprofits-qualifying-tax-exempt-status-without-filing-irs-application.html



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