[team_member name=”Donovan Lord” sub=”President” img=”http://westhollowsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/11149325_10152869519444141_5236260939365804654_n-1.jpg” context=”Donovan Lord is the Founder and President of the Westhollow Society. He is an interior designer, architect and real estate broker. ┬áHe also has years of volunteer work and employment with other non-profits including the YMCA, Planned Parenthood, and the Dallas Resource Center..”] [social_box link=”http://www.twitter.com/donovanlord” icon=”twitter”] [social_box link=”#” icon=”google”] [social_box link=”http://www.facebook.com/novanlord” icon=”facebook”] [social_box link=”http://www.linkedin.com/donovanlord” icon=”linkedin”] [/team_member][team_member name=”Toni Green” sub=”Vice President” img=”http://westhollowsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/tonigreen.jpg” context=”Leo suspendisse eu enim maximus, porta enim nec, bibendum justo. Vivamus placerat accumsan ipsum. Morbi at ipsum consectetur pretium nisi ac, convallis justo.”][social_box link=”#” icon=”twitter”] [social_box link=”#” icon=”google”] [social_box link=”#” icon=”facebook”] [social_box link=”#” icon=”linkedin”] [/team_member]

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